Leather Coats


Leather 'n Hawgs offers a full line of leather coats and jackets in a variety of styles for both men and women. The "Leather 'n Hawgs" tag ensures you're getting a top-quality product that's been selected and tested specifically for our shops. We don't offer any coats we haven't approved because we want our customers to be happy, dammit.  And for that same reason we do not sell leather coats online - you'll be happier if you come into the store and try them on. We want you to have a proper fit.

Why wear a leather coat?

Wearing leather isn't just a fashion thing for bikers. We're not trying to look cool, particularly, what we're trying to do is ride safely and comfortably. Leather isn't woven out of fabric - there are no tiny gaps between the threads - and therefore offers greater protection from the wind. And, most importantly, leather won't easily rip if you have to lay your bike down, giving you greater protection from road rash.